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More wonderful lives touched…check-out the supportive comment below from a ‘fan’ at our facebook page:

“My husband and I became Catholic in 2009 and the majority of our friends and family just don’t understand why. So we started a podcast to try to explain, to them and others, why we came home to the Catholic Church. Your website was very helpful as we’ve made our journey, and we always tell people to look there first when asking questions. Thank you!!”

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Feast of Saints Timothy and Titus

Look at the great zeal for the spread of the Gospel we find in these men of the early Church!

Do we pray for the strength and courage to proclaim our faith with the fervor of saints like these?

Some words from St. Paul to Timothy that we too can reflect on today: “For to this end we toil and strive, because we have our hope set on the living God, who is the Savior of all men, especially of those who believe” (1 Tim 4:10).

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Today the Church celebrates the feast of the Conversion of St. Paul.

Most feast days in the Church commemorate the death of a saint, when one enters eternal life with Christ.  Today’s feast day is unique, and special – the celebration of a conversion!  We see through Paul that Christ is always present, ready to convert our hearts to Him in our daily lives!

Paul’s whole position about Jesus turned around dramatically – he went from persecuting Christians to becoming a Christian, and desiring ONLY to preach in lands that had never been preached to.  This is a wonderful example for each of us to follow!  How can we listen to Christ, and turn to serve Him?

We pray that‘s use of TV and internet media will continue to reach those most in need of Christ’s light, love, and message of hope!  He has great plans for us!

St. Paul, Pray for us! – Life-saving TV ads!

On this 37th anniversary of the Roe v. Wade court decision that legalized abortion, we pray for the healing of the lives of all women who have been affected, and for the intercessory prayers of the millions of children in heaven as a result of this decision.

1) Please view the beautiful VirtueMedia TV spot below in which Norma McCorvey (aka ‘Jane Roe’) tells her own story, including the truth that she never has had an abortion, and encourages all to stand for Life from natural conception to natural death: click here to view the “Norma” TV spot

2) We celebrate that CatholicsComeHome TV ads have also inspired women wounded from abortion to find healing, and return to Christ’s loving and forgiving Catholic Church for support and hope.  Read the amazing testimonial below:

The Diocese of Providence post-abortion ministry, posted this on the Year of Evangelization Facebook Page:

“Thanks to this [the] campaign a woman who had an abortion went to confession and has joined our Healing the Wounded Heart Support Group, received communion for the first time in years and has returned to her home parish after being away for 2 decades. Praise God! Post abortion ministry has brought hundreds of women and men home to the Catholic Church. IN RI there are many brave women who attest to this. Thank you Bishop Tobin for embracing this campaign!”

3) Please visit the following link to the website to learn more about the Catholic Church’s teachings in defense of life.

Feeling Bored at Mass?

Sadly, many Catholics haven’t had the opportunity to really learn what’s happening at Mass… By journeying through the parts of the Mass, we hope you will find new excitement in this joyful and meaningful celebration of our Faith every Sunday (or every day)!

Today’s Bored at Mass feature: Entering the church

When you enter your church, you are probably used to blessing yourself with holy water while making the sign of the cross. Do you ever think back to your baptism when you do this? If not, you should! Every time you repeat this gesture, you should be reminded of the waters of your baptism and being baptized in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.

And what’s that thing Catholics do (sometimes quite quickly) right before they sit down? Oh yes, genuflect. We often forget that this small gesture is one of adoration. It helps to “get us focused” on who is present in our midst—in the tabernacle. When we enter the sanctuary, we are in the presence of God!

Catholics Come Home Lost & Found Tip: When you cross yourself with holy water, remember this: You belong to Christ, just as much now as on the day of your baptism! Also, realize the act of adoration you participate in when you genuflect to the tabernacle. You aren’t just touching your knee to the ground for no reason…You are acknowledging the Presence of the Son of God in your midst!

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Grassroots Effort Drawing Thousands of Catholics Back to Church

The latest Press Release:

Grassroots Effort Drawing Thousands of Catholics Back to Church

Catholic parishioners across the U.S. are inviting their neighbors, relatives and co-workers back to their church family for the new year using creative television commercials developed by Catholics Come Home. org. “Catholics Come is really working. It was tougher to find a seat at Mass last Sunday!” says Arthur, a Colorado Springs area parishioner…Click to read the entire story.

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"One Degree of Separation" between American Idol &!

Pro-Life Catholic on American Idol, has link to!…

“Maddy Curtis of Bluemont, Virginia, the 16-year-old daughter of an award-winning pro-life blogger, impressed American Idol judges on the show this week, who unanimously advanced her to the next round…

Despite her many accomplishments, however, her parish priest told LifeSiteNews that Maddy’s role singing as cantor at Mass every week is what’s most important to her.

‘Even though she’s very accomplished at her age, she said that it makes her more nervous to sing at Mass than everywhere else,’ said Fr. Ronald Escalante, pastor at St. Frances de Sales parish in Purcellville, Virginia.  ‘She said, ‘I’m singing for God’, and it overwhelms her.'” Click here to read the entire article and visit the blog with link to CCH

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Understanding human suffering

What can we do to understand and give comfort in the face of human suffering?

Blessed Mother Teresa reminds us, “You and I, we are the Church, no? We have to share with our people. Suffering today is because people are hoarding, not giving, not sharing. Jesus made it very clear. Whatever you do to the least of my brethren, you do it to me. Give a glass of water, you give it to me. Receive a little child, you receive me.” (Read more of Mother Teresa’s words here.)

This article by Dr. Peter Kreeft helps explain God’s answer to human suffering.

May we never forget to pray and help those most in need, who may be suffering materially or spiritually.

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Pope Benedict – prayers for Christian unity, January 2010

Pope Benedict offers two prayer intentions every month, one general, and one for a particular Catholic missionary activity.

The Pope’s missionary activity intention for January 2010, is:

“During this time, we also pray for Christian unity, dear Lord! May every believer in Christ be conscious that unity among all Christians is a condition for more effective proclamation of the Gospel. Together, may we be a witness to your presence, Lord.”

…Did you know that the word ‘Catholic’ means ‘universal’?…

May the campaign help to bring all Christians together in unity of faith.

We Are Catholic. Welcome Home.

Can you prove…? Lesson 2

Last Tuesday, we left you with some articles to help you prove the existence of God. Now, we want to share with you another of Dr. Kreeft’s articles that explains the problem of pain, what Kreeft considers “the one serious objection to the existence of God.”

If God is good, why is there so much bad in the world? Read more about the problem of pain so you can increase your own understanding, and share your knowledge with others to help them grow in faith:

The Problem of Evil

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